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13" Rudd circa 1978 purhased from a close friend and neighbour of Brian’s who said he purchased it in 1978. Also dated the same by Brian Mills and confirmed as the only half block (one side) Rudd carving he made in his letter to me.

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Brown Trout 12"  circa 1978.  Again very early piece from when Brian did not date his carvings with his signature as he did with later carvings from about 1980 onwards.

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Tench in frame 12” 1982 another very early Tea tray frame with half fish presentation and the more usual painted backboard.

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Italian strain carp in frame 9” 1982.  Very early Tea tray type, and halfblock presentation with unusual leatherette type backing.  Brian told me he got the leatherette material off a mate who worked at a furniture upholsterer, so completely original to Brian.

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Perch 12.5” 1986 Nice early Perch chasing a minnow set against a natural root.

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Common Carp 14” June 1988 Nice early common. Brian used the natural colours of the mahogany to emphasise the scales during this period. 

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Carp Fully Scaled  14” June 1988.  Very few individual Fully Scaled pedestal Mirror Carp made.

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All five Carp display 1991, 3 measure 8.5”, 1 is 7.5” and 1 is 5”.  This is Brian Mills own personal carving. This Carp carving display depicting a Fully scaled Mirror, Linear Mirror, Common, Leather and Crucian carp, is the only carving Brian kept for himself until his passing in September 2017.  Brian made this for his wife Gloria for Christmas1991. This is also the Only carving with all five of our native carp types that Brian ever carved and was obviously very personal to him.

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Common Carp 16” December  1993 

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The Tench 18.5” December 1994, only 4 pedestal Tench ever carved. Over 14000 scales by hand on this carving. 

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Large Fully Scaled Carp 24.5” January 1995.  Only very few Individual Fully Scaled Mirror carp carved by Brian Mills.

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Eel  January 1995. Super rare, only 3 Eels ever carved by Brian Mills.   Really nice coiled presentation, 36” long around and through a natural root base. Brian told me the Eel carvings were the hardest to make.  

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Crucian Carp 11” April 1995. Super rare, only two single pedastal Crucians ever carved by Brian Mills.

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Rudd 11” April 1995. Really nice Rudd on natural root stock base. Only 7 pedestal Rudd ever carved.

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Perch Large 15” February 1995. 11 Perch pedestal type made.  Perch chasing a roach.

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Rainbow Trout 14” August 1995. Super rare, only 2 Pedestal Rainbow Trout ever made.

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Brown Trout 14.5" September 1995.  Super rare, only 2 pedestal Brown Trout ever made.

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Golden Trout 15" September 1995.  Unique, only this Golden Trout ever made.

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Shusui Koi 16” July 1995. Rare 2nd of 3 Koi ever carved by Brian Mills.

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 Ki Utsuri koi 14” August 1995. Rare only 3 Koi ever carved by Brian Mills.

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Zander Pair 2X 16” December 1995.  Unique, only Zander ever carved by Brian Mills, being this pair on the same pedestal chasing three carved roach.

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Large Common 34” July 1996 one of the biggest common carp ever carved by Brian after Clarissa. Full size commons with this mahogany dark patina would be highly sought after due to desirability as one of Brian’s most beautiful works.

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British record Gudgeon  9.5” January 1996.  Unique, only Gudgeon ever carved by BM. 

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Grayling pair 2 X 15” September 1996.  Unique, the only Grayling ever carved by Brian Mills being this pair. 

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Wels Catfish 19” April 1996.  Rare only 3 catfish ever carved by Brian Mills.

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Silver & Bronze Bream 13,5” & 16” July 1996.  Unique pair and only silver Bream ever carved by Brian Mills.

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Roach & Chub pair 13.5” & 16.5” December 1997.  Unique pairing only one ever carved. Also,  one of only two Chub ever carved & together with one of only 5 roach ever carved.

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Mary BM 39-40” May 1997.  Unique, British Record and exact replica at 56lb-13oz when Terry Hearn caught Mary from Wraysbury, November 96.  The biggest full-size carp ever carved by Brian. The carving weighs in the region of 40lb without the base and was carved from Brazilian Mahogany with the bottom part of the base being part made from an apple tree from his own garden. This carving of Mary full size is the only one. Unlike Clarissa,where at least 3 full size Brian Mills carvings were made, two pedestal and one half block. Also, 2 full size pedestal, The Bishop, also a British record, were made by Brian. 

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Mullet pair  2 X 13” October 1998.  Unique, only Mullet ever carved by Brian Mills.

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Large Pike 36.5” Circa 1995.  2nd biggest Pike ever carved by Brian after the Thurne record carving for Derik Amie’s. Only 7 pedestal Pike in total carved by Brian.

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Barbel 16” August 1999.  Super rare only 2 Pedestal Barbel ever carved.

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Carp Symo 14” November 1999 Rare ¾ block

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Carp Golden Ghost 14” July 1999.  Super rare, only 2 ghost carp carvings ever made by Brian Mills.

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3 Carp Pedestal 3 X 9” October 1999.  Super rare, one of only two, (three carp),pedestal displays ever made by Brian Mills (Mirror, Common, & fully scaled)

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Carp Mirror H/L  15” May 2000

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Large common Carp 24” 2002

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Male Stickleback “Guarding the Nest”.  3” 2014.  Brian made me this Stickleback as a present, Christmas 2014,many years after he ceased carving in 2002.  Brian would be close to 80 years old at the time and the spines were from fish from his local chip shop that he had for supper. Folk Arty by Brian’s high standards but a lovely gesture. There is a letter from Brian that accompanies this gift.



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Beautiful Linear Mirror Carp 21 inches.  This carving is of a carp caught by Chris Ball.

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